Saturday, June 28, 2014

How My Geek Dreams Came True

When I was a kid, I loved my Saturday morning cartoons. Nothing was ever better then Saturday morning.... Well maybe pancakes...but that's IT.

As I grew up studies became more important and so did other things, I lost touch with my favourite characters. Then as my now husband and I were trying to decide on our honeymoon just less then two years ago. Niagara Falls Comic Con came up. I couldn't say no. Adam West was going to be there. We talked and planned for months. My husband went as Tony Stark.. Everyone's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. I was to be his Pepper Potts (if I would have been smart enough not to use material I am allergic too...lesson learned universe). The closer we got to our first con, the more excited and anxious we got. That weekend spurred a life time of fandoms to come bubbling back to the surface of my existence splattering old brain matter, and making room for all the fantasy and fanatic I needed to catch up on.

Not to long after coming home, we started finding more and more cons to go to nearby...falling further and further down into the depths of fantasy and amazement. Thus bringing us to WHY I started A Bit Retro.

A Bit Retro started with a dream and an idea during Christmas of 2013. Designing Mario's and Boo Diddly's on my computer, testing out patterns and materials, figuring out what worked and what looked AWESOME! A few months later in March of 2014 (YESSSS only 4 and a half months ago) A Bit Retro OFFICIALLY OPENED...and it's been a wicked ride ever since <3