Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tutorial ~~ Super Mushroom Pin Cushion from Super Mario

So to anyone who knows me, it shouldn't come as a surprise anymore that I have grown slightly obsessed with Super Mario and his fantastically amazing world. 

Over this past week as I have been doing some "spring cleaning" in the A Bit Retro studio, I realized I could really do with a new pin cushion, as my current one at the time was old and kind of awkward looking. 

So without further ado....Here's a Super Mario Super Mushroom INSPIRED pin cushion tutorial.

-Fleece (felt squares)...I got mine at my local dollar store for 40 cents a piece. YOu need black, white, red, and a fleshy pink type colour.
- a fine needle.....dont get to big a needle or it will put holes in the felt.
-Thread..... I used white thread and black thread
-Stuffing....I used poly fill
- The Pattern ....uhhh yeah LizZ...the pattern :D
Click here for that pattern
Now once you have your pattern printed and cut out. Cut your felt pieces as directed
(Enjoy my little ...Santa!?...while you cut)

Once you have this all done now your going to want to take one little black eye at a time, and do a close and tight stitch all the way around. It will kinda look like the eye is now embedded in the flesh felt.

Once that is done. Now you are going to want to stitch his bottom on. You can use whatever stitch you like. Personally I chose to use a blanket stitch. Once done flip right side out like this.
(Here you can see how the eyes are stitched in and the bottom sewn on)

Now For his top. Get your 4 white circles and place them evenly around the outer edge of the red circle. Don't get it to close to the edge though cause you have to see that edge. Using your white thread sew on each white dot with the same stitch you used for the eyes.

Once your done sewing on his spots now we need to do some slight tacking. 

Grab his body and tack the very top edge of the two ends together with a little tiny blanket stitch. Then move on to the red top. In between each circle take a 1/2" section and fold it over and quickly whip stitch it in place. This will help when you go to sew the top to the bottom.

Once you are all tacked out (get it!?.... See what I did there!?) Flip the body inside out and pin the top of the mushroom to the body. Using a blanket stitch sew the top to the bottom, making sure right sides are touching. Pinning first will greatly help you with this!

Now that, that's all done. Flip him right side out making sure all the corners are popped out. Now here's the fun part!


Now that he's stuffed. Tack up his back, and stab the heck out of him with whatever pins and needles you need or want :D