Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gotham Ep. 1 -Review

It feels like months since we first heard the news about this amazing new show called Gotham, that was going to be coming to our TV sets.

We've been excited.

We've been waiting........

Well It's here now!

September 22 2014, lives changed.

Gotham. became..... Real.

The point and plot idea of Gotham is more to showcase the story of the up and comer, Detective James Gordon as he "acclimatizes" himself back to Gotham. In the first episode we are a witness to the pointless and ruthless murder of Dr. Thomas Wayne & Martha Wayne during an alley robbery, while their son 12 yr old Bruce Wayne stood by not able to do anything. As the investigation plays itself out, we are given privy access to some of Gotham's not quite there yet criminals. Selena Kyle (cat woman) is the pilot opener, showing some mad clepto skills right off the bat (bat...get it!? ) As we watch the episode unfold we are introduced to Barbara Gordon, and Harvey Bullock (although questionable whether you can consider him a good guy in any world), Alfred....which I'm not happy about in the least... Where is the gentle but affirmative Alfred we all know and love?  He's also very accusatory and judgmental with police, which is another thing Alfred is NOT. Edward Nigma (The Riddler), who seams to be working for the police in ballistics's I'm guessing (considering he was analyzing a slug removed from the Dr.), desperately tries to play his riddles through to no avail thanks to Harvey. We meet a child named Ivy Pepper when the Detectives come to question her father about the murders...which is clearly Poison Ivy. The name change could mean a couple of things, but presumably we should go with the fact that with her abusive heavy weight father dead after a shoot out with detectives, she would start going by her mothers maiden name which should be Isley. We also assume that Ivy is PROBABLY a nickname, as Pamela Isley is Poison Ivy's real name. One would hope that they wouldn't change that, however small of a detail it is.

We are introduced to Fish Mooney (a character created specifically for Gotham) another crime boss/nightclub owner attempting a direct incline up the ladder to Head crime bosses, Carmine Falcone's chair. Jada Pinkett Smith while having the luxury of not having a set style or personality to go by for Fish has created a perfect balance for her. She is well calculated in every move she makes. From her dealings with Harvey, to how she handles her situations. She is shown with an "assistant" that LOVES crime and "punishment" a little TOO much.. Wanna guess who it is? His name is Oswald Cobblepot, and we see how he goes from being a sidearm for Fish, to where he has completely and utterly lost it, and is now a deranged man of...leisure killing?...He's given a second chance by Detective Gordon to "get out of Gotham" with a fake shooting/death on the pier. Instead he shows how deranged he actually is by swimming to the river bank, and slitting an old fisherman's throat....for a sandwich? Yup that's the final scene of the episode....Fascinating!

We are also introduced briefly to an interesting comedian....could he be The Joker!?....Doubtful. Rumor has it that each episode will house a different actor who could POSSIBLY be THE Joker. We wont find out this season though. I'm almost sure of it!

I was apprehensive (to say the least) at first to see a James Gordon without the accustomed facial hair etc., but after this episode. I am absolutely THRILLED at how Ben McKenzie has portrayed Detective Gordon, as soon as he struck a connection with Young Bruce, I saw the honest determination of justice in his eyes. Determination to clean up the police department, and to clean up Gotham. I look forward to further episodes and seasons watching him clean up the streets of Gotham.

Now although he wont show in many episodes apparently, I feel the compelling need to mention ...WTF!?? Richard Kind as the Mayor of Gotham!??? NNNNNOOOOO. Period. End of story. NO. I'm not a huge fan of his acting to begin with, but really? They thought he would fit the mayoral roll? I don't get that AT ALL.

So with all this said and done, I can see why a lot of people are calling this "THE SHOW TO WATCH". I look forward to seeing where they go from here, and how Detective Gordon changes himself and changes Gotham.