Thursday, October 30, 2014

Multi Vendor Christmas Sale

A Bit Retro will be taking part in a Multi-Vendor Sale from November 15 - December 1. Giving you fantastic geeks an opportunity to save on some awesome fandom merch! Check out the list for this sale. All these vendors will be participating with the same coupon code to make it easier for YOU!

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Cheers and happy shopping!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 6: The Spirit of The Goat

OHHHH MAN was this episode action packed!

We get to see how Harvey used to be strong willed about justice, just like his new partner Jim Gordon is. We got to meet his old partner Dick, and see the soft spot hard ol' Harvey has for him!

In this episode Harvey gets to relive an old case that haunts him. The Goat killer. Killing off the first born of the 1% of Gotham. One down with more to go when Harvey gets on the case. At the same time Montoya and Allen are still snooping and getting evidence to convict Gordon of his "foul play" from the first episode. You remember...His orders from Falcone to KILL Cobblepot. So much for that secret! (I'll let you discover that for yourself, if you haven't watched the episode yet.)

As we fast forward through the episode we see some really NICE Easter eggs. Want me to share!?... Well alright. You twisted my arm <3

* Edward Nigma's coffee Mug!? UMMM HELLO!!??? We get it, he's The Riddler. Nice of you to beat us over the head with it BWAHAHAHAHA...and his smirk...uhh... Clearly Cory Michael Smith was having a difficult time NOT laughing at this.

* When Harvey and Gordon go to visit Dick in the rest home. We see Dick has been playing cards, and the camera, ever so slyly  grazes past a Joker (TADA our Joker hint)

* Cobblepots mother yells at him through the door about a "painted lady" Possible reference to Harely Quinn!

Those were some epically awesome moments. This episode wraps up with Harvey doing some reall work and realizing HOW "The Spirit of The Goat" keeps coming back, and confronts the good Dr. Psychiatrist Dr. Mark about it. To which he is attacked for and she gets away without ever getting her hands dirty.

Already riled up Harvey is back at the station when Montoya and Allen bring Gordon in on a lovely count of MURDER! What goes down in that scene, I can't tell you! You HAVE to see it for yourself!!! It's just way WAY to much awesome!

So BRAVO to Bruno Heller and Ben Edlund (the writers of the show)....This was INCREDIBLE!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Your Geek On, On A Low Income Budget

Money`s tight these days. Everything is going up (especially if your Canadian) except the paycheck. So what`s a poor geek guy and girl to do!?


I'm going to show you a few tips I have learned on how to get your geek on, on a tight to extremely tight budget!

First and foremost, I make extra side money doing surveys. one of which pays for our theater tickets all year round. Others I get various things, from Paypal cash (and real in the mail kinda cash) to Amazon gift cards. Allowing me to save for a con, something fun I want, or know, just save it!

My biggest find to date though has been SWAGBUCKS. It's so great! For just a few minutes per day I can get $25 in Amazon giftcards and more awesome stuff. There are so many options. My personal belief is something is better than nothing. With all this being said, I'm watching movies as they come out in theatre's for MAXIMUM $3-5 (covers the 3D and or ULTRA AVX)

PLUS at the same time I'm also getting SCENE points (Canada only I believe) which allow me to get even MORE free movies.

But if you really wanna spend some money. Your best bet is to get a subscription to something like LOOTCRATE or NERDBLOCK ....I would even consider KAWAII MONTHLY! These will run you about $20-$30 depending on where your from (cheaper if you're American)....and if you think about can use paypal cash you got from your surveys to cover it potentially. So looking back at this. There is SOOO many ways to go geek for FREE!!

Of course these obviously aren't ALL the ways but just some of the ways to get new favourite fandoms for little to nothing. 

Why go for broke, when you can go for FREE

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favourite Female Cosplayers

These are just a few of some of the awesome cosplays that I have seen grace my screen this month, and I really wanted to share them with you.

So if you know who the cosplayers are please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 5: Viper

This weeks episode dealt with some heavy duty suggestions. The whole episode we deal with Viper the early stages of a horrible drug we know and love to hate...VENOM. The typical good gone bad idea of a Wayne enterprises subsidiary (WellZyn) employee, that was charged with the task of making chemical warfare "weapons" decides to show his bosses why they shouldn't be doing this after begging them to stop the project. He passes the "VIPER" drug out on the street, to as many as he can.  As you see the clearly enraged takers in the police station, what amuses and gets my interest is Nigma's absolute blatantly honesty fascination with this new unknown drug. He is absolutely thrilled and intrigued watching it's process in a street girl brought in, who literally dies in mere minutes.

Bruce is starting to show more and more what a quick learner he is, and what the Bat WILL be! He starts putting two and two together realizing Wayne Enterprises is going corrupt. Now he just has to figure out where!? As always child Bruce isn't a overly large placement on the show, but it is quite nice to see how he is starting to develop those detective skills some "real" detectives have forgotten about (cough. cough. Harvey).

Cobblepot is a minor importance in this episode and only really has the plot point of finally telling Maroni who he really is! This leads to Gordon's secret being found out and now he's on everyone's pulley.

As the episode draws to a close we see that honesty is not the best policy in Gotham and it's gonna be a long time before it gets even close.

So keep your arms inside the vehicle and enjoy this crazy bumpy ride that is Gotham.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Favourite Male Cosplayer

As we will be at what looks to be our final Con of the year tomorrow, I have been sitting back and reflecting on some of the awesome cosplays I have seen this year. So what better then to introduce you to a few.

 ( I fully admit. I'm a bit biased on this man. He's my husband and we worked on this together)


So go check out these wicked cosplaying men. I honestly don't think the guys get enough credit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 4: Arkham

This episode clearly depicts the start of a new tale of woe between the Maroni and Falcone crime sects.  With the development of Arkham, and what to do with the mental institution. We are told along with Gordon that there. will. be. WAR. Cobblepot was absolutely right! What is a war really!? two opposing sides battling it out, words count...and boy did they ever. As we see the episode progress, we meet Blackwell (well an imposter Blackwell) he's killing off councilmen, and doing it.... well. graphically. He has a nice pocket sized spike contraption that looks pretty awesome if you ask me. One quick stab to the eye and boom there goes an aide. He then kills the councilman, and moves on with ease. He doesn't care which side of the spectrum your on either. Both sides are getting hit, and each boss thinks it's the other one!...Cobblepot takes this as his opportunity to climb the ranks and puts a hit on the restaurant. In the process the manager gets shot in the stomach and dies. Because Cobblepot was able to get away with a bag of money, Maroni rewards him with the managerial position in the restaurant, as it is now available.

As  the main plot is thickening, and stewing. We see bits and pieces of Fish auditioning lounge singers, and telling Butch she's looking for a "weapon". The perfect weapon. We don't know what for yet, but I'm sure it will have something to do with taking over Falcone's title, that's for sure!

Blackwell gets caught trying to kill the Mayor when Gordon figures out the code at his office desk. A huge struggle ensues and as usual the killer dies, but not before revealing that he is just a hired hitman. So this makes us wonder, if he hit both camps. Who hired him? Will we ever find out?

In conclusion of this weeks episode. As usual here's what I think there Joker "tell" is:

In the beginning of the episode Cobblepot shows up on Gordon's doorstep to offer his intell on whats going to happen. Gorden angrily/calmly walks him out of his building and they come to words. When Cobblepot starts answering him they here the loud laughs and giggles of what turns out to be three girls coming down the alley. When Gordon turns around, Cobblepot is GONE.

Let me know what you though of this episode in the comments below.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY TUESDAY ~ DIY Bullet Bill Stuftie Tutorial

 Today's DIY Tuesday, is brought to you by Bullet Bill. Bullet Bill is a Super Mario "villain" that's cute and funny and makes the best stuftie EVER!
Take the pattern ( I use the term loosely),fit it to an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet to print. Cut out the Entire shape.
Cut the entire shape out of 2 pieces of black felt.
once the entire body is cut out. Detach the mouth from the pattern. Use red felt to cut out the inside of his mouth.
When working on the teeth cut out everything that would be red in the background and then use white felt to cut out his teeth. Be careful this is difficult and tricky.
Once you have the teeth cut out sew it to the red fabric and sew along all the edges.

Then sew the mouth into place. Look at your original pattern for placement of the mouth.

Once the eyes are cut out ( I highly recommend using an exacto knife for this). Make sure to get them cut out of white felt as well.

sew the eyes into place right above his mouth.

Sew Bill up. Right sides together, and then flip him back out, stuff and Sew up your seam. I used a blanket stitch this time.

I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Favourite's of the Month - Storenvy Edition



I Want To Believe t-shirt






Choose Your Weapon






Drop It Like A Pot 



Life & Death Customs

Batman Studded Mini Dress




Cherry Sauce Clothing

Health Potion





Much Needed Merch

Go On and Kiss The Girl Womens T Shirt






Purple Cactus Awesome Emporium

Arcade game women's t-shirt




Mictia Clothing

In Pizza We Trust TEE


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 3: The Balloon Man

He's BAAAACCKKKK....and better then ever! Oswald Cobblepot has reached Gotham and is now crazier and more conniving than ever before, and I for one LOVE IT! Although caught right out of the gate by a thug knowing who he was, he soon takes care of that problem, and we move on to bigger and better things. Like sneaky little Selina Kyle and how her "help" always seems to help herself as well. She proves to Gordon that she was there in the alley the night of the Wayne's murder, by sending him down to the sewer where she dropped the wallet of the guy she mugged that very night. Not trusting a street kid like her, he handcuffs her to a railing. While down there she unhand-cuffs herself and gets away, by using a pen she stole from Bullock's desk. She disappears and we move on to getting into the true point of today's episode. The Balloon Man. Killing Gotham's corrupt by weather balloon. Leading to the same old adage of what goes up must come down...... a frozen popsicle. As the case gets evidence and bodies helping them solve the crime. We finally get to meet Maroni, and I still can't believe who it is David Zaya's! this man is amazing at the role he's playing. He is absolutely 100% truly convincing. You originally know him from Dexter, playing Angel Batista. A detective, a cop, a good guy. What an epic change from good to bad. Who would have ever thought! So we meet Maroni while Oswald Cobblepot is working in his restaurant, he seems to take a liking to “Paolo" as cobblepot has named himself for now. What a coincidence, good Lil momma loving Italian boy. This is how you get on the good side of Maroni. Now as usual the "bad guy" is always caught. This time it's a guy trying to be a vigilante.Trying to rid the streets of corruption...So many possibilities on his targets in Gotham though. But as usual, they find him. Bullach tries to kill him and Gordon save's the dudes life!
Now as for character development, I am absolutely thrilled at how Alfred is softening and working hard to get Bruce to the bat we all know and love. It's clear in this episode Bruce already knows, that it doesn't matter if your trying to do the right thing, killing ANYONE is BAD, and makes you no better than the corrupt.

As usual the plot is fitted, and the charactor development is on point.  As for the potential Joker siting, I have racked my brain and rewatched the episode. The only person I can think of is "The Balloon Man". It would be fitting, and work quite well. 


Let me leave you hear with an awesome final scene. Oswald Cobblepot showed up on Gordon's door step...WHAT!??? WOW! Didn't see that coming yet!

Let me know in the comments below, if you think someone else could be the Joker from this episode!

DIY Tuesday - Super Star (Power UP) Stuftie

This month's DIY Tuesday will be Super Mario Stuftie CENTRAL. 

Fill your bed, couch or chair with these awesome little stuftie's <3. They would also make great Christmas/Holiday gifts for those of you choosing the handmade way as well.
To start out, you want to print a rounded star shape off on your computer trying to make it as big as possible to 81/2 x 11. This will give you the shape of the Super Mario star, as well as the eyes and the little white pupil.
Once you have your pattern printed and cut out. You're going to want to either pin it or weigh it down on the felt fabric. The star-shape goes on the two pieces of yellow fabric. The long oblong shape goes on the black, and the little oval goes on the white. You will need two copies of every pattern piece . This will give you two eyes, two pupils and the front and back of the superstar.

Once you have your pattern pinned or weighted down you're going to want to cut it out, and set them aside. Now in this instance I prefer to hand sew. You can use is sewing machine if you choose. Also give your yellow star a 1/2" border when cutting out, this will give you sewing room without making you star smaller.

Your first step is to take one white pupil and 1 black eye. Sew the pupil on to the black eye shape at one end of the eye, making sure there is a little bit of edge on three sides. I choose to sew it in a looping motion. This causes the felt to look like it's been stabbed into place as if you were actually felting. Do this for both eyes.

Now that you're eyes are finished. You now need to affix them to the top middle of 1 of the pieces of your superstar. Use the same stitch that you did affixing the pupil to the eye.

Now that your superstar has a face, pin the front facing inside and sew front to back. When sewing the front to the back, make sure you leave about four fingers width of space so that you can stuff your superstar.

Slip your little guy inside out, or rather right side out. Poke out the stars points and start stuffing him.

Once your superstar is stuffed as much as you like sew him up. Sew that baby up, and you've got yourself a new stuftie

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and let me know if you make it I'd love to see it.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

BOOK REVIEW - White Trash Zombie Apocolypse by Diana Rowland

This book is spellbinding. The probability of zombies being real can make so much more sense when you think of it as a virus or "parasite" as they call it in this book. It goes through as an attack on the zombie population, which no human knows about. Angel, a new zombie, has a job at the county morgue. Any guesses why she would wanna be there!? LOL. The beginning of the book goes through her normal everyday life. Dead bodies and crime scenes are nothing for this girl. Originally a junkie, she's reformed herself. Much of the help belonging to the fact that zombies can't ingest toxins without sickening/killing the host parasite. So no smoking or drinking or doing drugs for Angel.
As the story pulls forward you see that the zombie population seems to have there own crisis right now. Zombies...and humans being kidnapped for testing. Humans being turned by rogue parasites. Angel was forced to turn a human, which then got messed up with a bad parasite.

In the whole storyline of this book I don't think there was a single dull moment. You see Angel struggle and then succeed. It gives a feeling, that anything is possible if you just work hard and keep trying.

This actually ended up being the third book in a series that is so far just three. But even without reading the first 2 books. You can read this and not really have to worry about the others. Everything is explained perfectly and in the right amount. There are some great details that Diana Rowland (the author) has added, that make this book perfect.

I bought this book and listened to it off Audible. So if your interested, click HERE to go straight to this book on Audible. It's seriously a great listen/read. No matter how you get it. Get this book!

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Monthly Life Favourites

This is going to be a new monthly post I will be doing, featuring some of my favourite products of the month. I've seen this done a TON on youtube, and although I don't make videos (YET). I still thought it would be fun to show you some of my favourite things from September.

So let's start out with the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cell phone. I have a LG Nexxus 4, and I am practically on it! Checking stuff, responding to emails, or just checking out Facebook or Instagram. Because of my phone having such a slippery surface to the back, I always need to have a case on it. Otherwise it could slide off my nightstand just by getting a notification. So this has been my go to  case ALL MONTH.

 To go with my wickedly AWESOME phone, some of my favourite apps this month have been:

Songza is a fantastical app/website that has great music, no matter what genre you like to listen too. They also have playlists devised for different things you could be doing. Such as driving, studying etc.


Wecal, is such an awesome calendar. I don't even know everything it's capable of yet. But it sure helps keep me organized. At least  a little more than before.


Pinterest I'm sure is known to most of us right!? This great site and app has caused witness to many great crafts, recipe's and how to's.


Do you remember Tamagotchi's? Well. This is pretty much the new version. Meet Pou. He's an alien that you get to feed, put down for naps and play with. He comes with level's and badges to acquire as well.


Admittedly I have trouble remembering to eat and drink my water during the day when I'm always busy. So Plant Nanny helps with that. I pick out Kawaii plants and they go through three stages of growth before you can put them outside and start collecting seeds off them, which help you buy more plants.

Plant Nanny

Of course I can't forget my work companion. Audible is AMAZING! I love to read, but I can never find the time. So having Audible is fantastic, I have found so many great books. Like Super Mario:How Nintendo Conquered America (yeah...I love ish like this :D )

For $14.95/month I get 1 credit towards a book of my choosing. I've saved up credits and been able to do there bogo sales and I've gotten some great books for it. PLUS, when you sign up your first month is free, which means one free book :D Can't go wrong with that right!


TV Shows

Currently my only obsession from September is the new Series  called Gotham. I loved the pilot SOOO much I started reviewing it! If your new here, you can see the pilot HERE and the second episode review HERE.
I love the tone and authenticity of the show. It's got some amazing potential and great diversity.


September I started and finished White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland. This was a GREAT book. I could barely put it down. I found it when I went looking for new books on Audible. I however didn't realize it was actually the third book in a trilogy, but you would never know. I was able to read through this book as if it was an only child.


My husband and I always watch a series, or movie each evening and for September it was Psych. It's funny as all get out. It's basically a slapstick/stupid humour cop comedy. 

I've also been re watching  Bewitched. I love watching the old shows. When I first saw this show when I was a kid, I loved it. It's more amusing now then ever before.


Ok so i admit I don't play a whole lot of games per-say but this month I got addicted to two things. One is Minecraft. I have yet to be able to play it, but I LOVE to watch streaming of players going through.
What I have been playing is called Gobtron, a "evil" mountain monster flinging boogers at the people. It's amusing AND fun.

Those are just some of my favourites from September. What are some of your favourites?