Saturday, November 22, 2014

Week of New Releases

This week is all about getting you in the Christmas spirit the geeky and retro way!

Friday, November 21, 2014


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review ~ Gotham episode 9: Harvey Dent

Welp.... This episode was interesting as we meet Harvey Dent, and quite a bit lackluster to be honest.
The episode revolves around Fish Mooney's continued secret plan to continually hurt Falcone. This time she's gonna hurt him in the money. Getting the remaining members of Nicholai's team to clear Falcone out. Using a very skilled Ian Hargrove, with whom they broke out of custody and are keeping against his will. They devise bombs to take out what is needed. Little do they know they are going to go BOOOMMM too! Another one of Fish's plans complete.
Some of the scenes I loved:
 Every scene with Edward Nigma or Oswald Cobblepot!...there creepy factor is PERFECT!
 The fact that they had a baddie ( Ian Hargrove ) with a heart.
 Watching Selena Kyle interacting with Bruce, and how it changed over the episode.
The best part of this episode was watching Harvey Dent loose it and scare the bejeezus  out of Lovecraft... Yet another A* you wanna see go!
Tell me what you thought of this weeks episode in the comments below!? Love it or hate it!?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Multi-Vendor [Geeky] Christmas Sale

Christmas sale 2014
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 8: The Mask

So we all know, no one will ever trust Gordon in the precinct for a while. This goodie goodie put there lives on the line and there cushy jobs with Falcone. What was surprising to me at the time (but not so much now) is that Harvey really seems to have Gordon's back now, along with the Captain of the GCPD. Gordon's still dealing with the bull on the side from Barbara that neither makes nor brakes anything in the story (more annoying then anything with how selfish she is), so we don't really need to go there

What this episode did bring us, is another interesting villain. That makes TWO whole episodes in a row showing us some sinister badies. This episode we are introduced to Richard Sionis...Someone we will eventually call THE MASK! He's got an interesting hiring process....Fight to the death. Who lives wins and gets hired. Gordon goes on a spree looking for this fight location. Too bad Gordon figured it out. While checking on the "victims" he gets knocked out by Sionis himself. As he comes too, Sionis lets his contenders know there is a different game to be played this time. As Gordon is reminding the gentleman he's a cop. Sionis gives them something impossibly irresistible. A million dollar signing bonus. So...Gordon ends up showing us his combat skills. In the meantime, Harvey has finished checking his leads with no luck to be had, and is trying to find out where Gordon is. He finally has to cuss out the station for being a** hats, and gets there help when the Captain asks for a cpl leads to check out. The Captain winds up being the one to find Gordon, not that he really needed any help as he subdued Sionis pretty well on his own. Whether the Captains warning as the final attempt from Sionis was needed, we'll never know. But Gordon sure proved himself in that scene for sure. The Captain is now behind him 100%.

In the meantime we see Bruce heading back to school in not such a great outcome as he is confronted by a bully that seriously has no boundaries. The way this kid casually talks about Bruce's parents death right in front of his very eye's with nothing but a smug look on his face, makes you this "The Joker" reference for the episode. Now here's a little tid bit as a side note...something you might not have caught on to. That "bully" of his...That's Tommy Elliot. You know. HUSH. Yeah. Let that sink in! One of which was a friend of Bruce's growing up in the comics, is now made into a bully on Gotham. Either way Bruce was given the go ahead to confront his bully at Tommy's very own home. Pretty ballsy if ya ask me! The showings of Batman in the making for sure. Especially when the final scene is of Bruce asking Alfred to teach him to fight. With the happiness Alfred is trying to suppress as he agrees, this looks like it's going to get very interesting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review ~ Gotham Episode 7: Penguins Umbrella

Can this show GET any better!!??


First, right off the bat (ha bat...did it again :P ), we see Gordon on the run ...but not on the run. With Cobblepot now announced as alive and back in Gotham (Screw you Montoya and Allen) Gordon is now running like a chicken with his head cut off trying to figure out what to do next! He obviously decides to go out in one way or another serving justice. As he's just got Barbara out of town, he goes back to work and gets some already signed warrants. He's going on a man hunt for all of Falcone's affiliations. Including Falcone himself! To which while arguing with the Captain, we get to meet a new badie....Victor Zsasz, as he has been hired by Falcone to bring Gordon in ALIVE.On the other side were seeing Cobblepot sucking up nicely to Maroni. For being so new Maroni really has a thing for who'm he now calls his "golden goose"

On a side note while were on that specific scene Cobblepot responds back to that statement of Maroni's with "HONK, HONK" some say that was this weeks episode nod to the joker....cause what do clowns say!? HONK HONK.

Anyways back to what I was saying.....

Cobblepot continues this mini "war" that he's started by sending Maroni's men to hit Falcone "hard" at one of his operations. Killing all his men including one of his "dearest". Nikolai was a close affiliate so to speak of Falcone, his lovely well made suite, full of bloody bullet holes is captured as the dust settles after the shoot out.

We see the mini war end with an agreement on the water front of Maroni and Falcone trading Cobblepot for "Indian Hill" in Arkham. A waste management site with a Indian burial grounds underneath it...Whether there is something supposed to be special about Indian Hill, I guess we will have to wait and see. As of right now though, it has just changed hands to Falcone. While all of this is going on we have a couple of delicious scenes where Fish and Cobblepot face off. Fish can't do a damn thing and Cobblepot knows it! He's playing this amazing taunting game with her and it's freakin' fantastic how he gets under her skin so easily.

Gordon starts his rampage and heads back to the clock tower where they wont even bother looking. If it's too obvious. GO THERE. We see Harvey show up with...a hooker!? I'm guessing. Figuring his days are numbered he's gonna go out with a bang. So why not do it by Gordon's side! They first take on the Mayor, which shows it making it super easy for them to get into Falcone's estate. They take on Falcone and his goon's only to find out Barbara (as usual) has come back to plead with Falcone, and is now hostage. So Gordon is forced to come to an "understanding" with Falcone to save all of there lives, and let who he has already captured go (including the Mayor...still can't stand that guy)

Now the big deal about this episode was at the end. The real SHOCKER. The part that blew everyone's mind! Cobblepot comes hobbling up the hill while Falcone is out checking on his chickens. We get a flash back to find out that when Falcone found out that Cobblepot snitched to the cops. They made a deal. Cobblepot knew that Gordon wouldn't be able to kill him so he asked for Gordon to do it and they laid the ground work for everything that has happened. Penguin is now seemingly in charge, in a not so obvious way. Everything has come into place for him, and I can't wait to see what happens next.