Friday, January 30, 2015

Simple Washi Tape Display/Holder -DIY

How many of you love love LOVE all things cute!?
How many of you love love LOVE collecting washi tape.
All the different designs and sizes. There's plastic, paper and fabric was hi tape. Washi tape that looks like lace. It's like Pokemon! You gotta get them all!  All the pretty ones anyways. Now when you have an over abundance of them.... What do you do!? They're all over the place and taking up space.
Here, I wanted to show you what I did for just a dollar or two depending on what you have laying around your house.

I took an old organizing container I had laying around that had hole designs in them already (you can easily get these at the dollar store, .99¢ store, or Daiso), then I took these little dowel's I got at our local Dollar Haven for another Cosplay project and just stuck them through the wholes.
I have sampler washing tapes mostly so I was able to put [ ] on each row and space them [ ] holes apart. Now I left my containers there original black, but you can do anything to them. Paint, Mod podge etc. As long as you can get the dowels through.
Now I plan on hanging mine on my work board as is! But you can leave them on your desk, hang them up....whatever you want!

I hope you like this post. Comment below with something you want to organize cutely, I would love to hear about it!

Friday, January 23, 2015


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