Saturday, May 30, 2015

WIW ~ What I'm Watching This Week

This is probably going to be an incredibly short posting for once! With Niagara Falls ComicCon coming up, both my husband and I have been incredibly busy with preparing our cosplays.

This week we got 3 MAJOR events on Friends. Ross messing up at the alter AGAIN, Pheobe having the triplets, and Chandler and Monica finally getting together.

We're now watching 2 episodes each evening to unwind, so my guess is we will probably be done pretty soon!

Let me know in the comments below what you're watch.

Friday, May 22, 2015

WIW ~ What I'm Watching This Week

Hey guys, This week has been so incredibly busy for me/us with just a few weeks left till Niagara Falls Comic Con. I still have so much sewing and prep work for our cosplay's....It's honestly insane! I'm sure some of you will know the feeling.

Even though we have been incredibly busy, I was still able to get a fair amount of TV time in! We're continuing with friends, and I have restarted this season of Criminal Minds. I'm also still watching She-Ra, and 2 Broke Girls. We FINALLY finished off DareDevil (WOW O WOW, WOW, WOW)

I have so many shows I just haven't beeen able to watch this season, and now is the time where I am attempting to catch up with all of them. That is my current goal (YES. I have a goal for television watching)

I find it quite amusing that even though this show is an extreme version of sarcastic comedy, they still find a way to open up the minds of the audience to think a little bit about things. This weeks episode (WOOHOO I can say that about 1 show so far) rcame as a reminder that they stopped doing the one thing they loved most. The cupcake shop. We also can't forget Sophie and Oleg's wedding as well. That was interesting too...

I just started this season over again. I think at the beginning I got 3 episodes in maybe!? Then things got busy, and I had no time for anything but work for a while. Well now I'm back, and the show is always catching my attention. I love how raw and straight forward it is. It shows a lot of emotions that many other crime shows wont even dabble in. Penelope Garcia is probably my most favourite crime show character. She lands in a tie with Abby Sciuto.

We FINALLY finished up DareDevil this week, and it was so perfect in it's ending. It definitely makes me happy that it's coming back for a second season. I need to know what happens to Fisk. He's practically annihilated his whole "team".

We are now into season 4, and almost half way through it at that. Now that we are watching 2 episodes a night instead of 1, it's going by quite quickly. We already passed that classic episode where Rachel and Monica teach Chandler " the zones"

I didn't get to watch a whole lot of She-RA this week which is unfortunate, but I did get to watch a couple of episodes. It's funny how watching an old cartoon can bring up so many memories.

What did you watch this week!? Anything good? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Movie Monday ~ Rise of the Guardians

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie with no particular title or theme in mind!? That's what I decided to do today. I sat down in my chair and made a random selection on Netflix. Man oh man am I glad I picked well. Today I want to share a movie with you called Rise of the Guardians. The first time I heard the name, it reminded me so much of Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. Well that was a great movie as well! So why wouldn't I watch this one.
Rise of the guardians is an amazingly animated movie that came out in 2012. This was a directorial debut on the big screen for Peter Ramsey, originally a storyboard artist attached too many great films .
This was a story about learning who you are as a person, and making a difference in the lives of others. This animated film is a great example of the snowball effect that faith and determination can create.

In rise of the Guardian, we meet Jack Frost (Chris Pine) who doesn't remember a single thing from his past and is desperately looking for someone to believe in him. North (Alec Baldwin) or as we like to call him Santa Claus which pretty much tends to run the show, Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and Tooth (Isla Fisher). These along with Sandy (The he does not have any lines what so ever) are the guardians, they watch over the children making sure they always believe. If children don't believe, then the Guardians loose strength to fight Pitch (Jude Law) Black, otherwise known as the Bogeyman.

When pitch black (Jude Law) shows up at the North Pole briefly as an announcement of his arrival, North summons the Guardians. Tooth, Sandy, and Bunny all show up. The Man in the Moon, which created the Guardians to fight off Pitch, decides to bring aboard a new Guardian. In anticipation they all wait for the announcement, only to be completely dissatisfied with The Man in the Moons choosing of Jack Frost (Chris Pine) as a Guardian. Other than the blizzard of `68 which canceled Easter, no one has had much to do with Jack Frost (Chris Pine). They see him more as a irresponsible child, more than anything else, but when Pitch starts wreaking havoch with the holiday`s and children stop believing. That`s when Jack Frost (Chris Pine) learns who he REALLY IS, and who he was. It`s in learning who he was, that helps him learn who he is. What makes him tick, and what is ``centre`` is all about. Using the faith the children have in them help them in there battle with Pitch (Jude Law), and in the end....Well. I guess you will just have to watch it yourself.

Have you seen Rise of the Guardians? If not have I convinced you to watch it? Whats one of your all time favourite animated movies? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, May 15, 2015

What I'm Watching THIS Week

Hey guys,

Another week another slew of shows watched! I'm starting to wonder if I should start writing every little thing I do down, as I am starting to realize I'm having trouble remembering what show's I'm watching unless there common weekly items.

This week I started watching She-Ra again, I haven't seen this show since I was a kid. We are also still getting through Daredevil and Friends,

We are SO SO close to finishing off DareDevil, and I honestly thought we would have this week, but we are so busy, busy, busy, with our cosplay designs that we have been skipping it most days this week! Fisk is currently out in the open, Nobu has been killed, chaos is sure to reign soon..especially since Foggy is NOT happy that not only is Matt technically not blind, he's been going around the law as the black masked man.

Their is a priceless hilarious breakup between Ross and Rachel of course. Monica breaks up with Pete the millionaire because he's determined to become the ultimate fighting champion and is pretty much killing himself in the process. This show always makes me wish I had better friends!

I've always been a bit of a nostalgic type person, so She-RA was one of my favourite's growing up! I just had to get it again, and thats what I started to watch this week! 96 some odd episodes of pure fun, cheesy, corny, moral building bliss.

Did you go and watch anything new this week!? What did you watch this week?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday ~ IT - An American Classic

Do you remember your first horror movie? Do you remember where you were, who you were with and even so vividly as to what you were wearing?

Stephen Kings IT was the first horror movie I ever saw! I was about 8 maybe 9 years old, and my Dad let me stay up to watch it with him, my sister and her friend. My Mom stayed in her bedroom watching her own TV, she hates scary ANYTHING with a passion! I remember rushing to get ready for bed, so that we could all sit down and watch it. That's when I first met Pennywise, Oddly enough the best clown I have ever seen. So as we hunkered down to watch the movie, me in my PJ's right in front of the TV, my Dad in the next chair over, and my sister and her friend WAY at the back of the room on the couch (might I add, already under a blanket) we turned on Stephen King's IT. As the plot thickened and unrolled like a boiling pot of.... (insert whatever creeps you out most here.) I had never been more quiet, awake,creeped, freaked and excited as I was in those very moments. It captured the very essence of childhood fears...still to this day I'm edgy around clowns and have no idea why. So many of us have problems with them it seems. It's taken me a long while to embrace it, but lets be honest (and get back to the point) Pennywise was/IS/and always will be the best most scariest clown EVER!

Let me know in the comments below, what your first horror movie was!? Did it turn you on to loving horror movies? or did it scare you away!? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I'm Watching THIS Week ~ The LAST Week Edition

*Ok so Sunday kinda got away from me with it being Mother's Day and all. My apologies for that!*

This past week I didn't really have much time to watch anything extra per-say, I'm not quite done DareDevil (I know, I know. Shame on me! Everyone else has all seen it, including my husband which is re watching it WITH me. It's THAT GOOD!). We are also still moving our way through friends as well.

I guess my only guilty pleasure this week was watching/catching up on 2 Broke Girls and a mini series on Netflix called Chefs Table.

We watched episodes 7 - 10 I believe this week, The plot thickened, we saw Murdocks mentor come into the picture, got his back story on how they met and how they trained. We saw Murdock and Fisk interact a couple of times. The tension was as thick as molasses. Especially after Fisk has someone the team (Karen Page, Foggy,and Murdock) cares about killed, just to get Murdock (Daredevil....although he has yet to be given the name) "cornered". Each episode has so many twists and turns. I don't think I have ever been this intrigued with a series. Although it doesn't help that I have always loved Vincent D'onofrio in practically everything I have ever seen him in. He makes me wish Wilson Fisk was a real person.

We watched almost ALL of season 3 this week! A couple of episodes every night it seems. We saw Chandler try to quite smoking again after he starts due to the stress of Ross and Rachel breaking up (you know the reminder of how his parents went through that ugly separation and divorce.) Loving seeing Rachel doing well at her new fashion job and the evolution of her personality because of it.  The best part of all though is the fact that FINALLY Chandler and Joey have the duck and chick! i loved that uniqueness when this show originally aired, so I was happy to see them back. Monica almost got back with Richard, then she saw how stupid it was and slides onto Pete a millionaire extraordinaire! I honestly at this point could care less about Monica's love life. Let's be honest with ourselves here! It was always about Ross and least till the end.

I had a chance to play catch up this week and watch 3 episodes I was behind on! The witty banter and straightforward insults that easily bring in whats happening in the news and with different celebrities, never gets old. Working 2 jobs yet again Max and Caroline are now working at a very prestigious Dessert Bar called the High where Max meets a hot young waiter starts fooling around with him (of course, cause it's Max Black!) gets him fired there, hired at the diner. Quickly gets bored with him and tries to call it quits only to have him dragged home by his Mommy because he's ONLY 18!!

I really enjoy this series that was put out by Netflix. It walks through the stories of some of the most brilliant chefs, and as someone who was once addict to the Food channel (hint to should get those shows!) I loved seeing the first episode, which was actually pretty long surprisingly. Although incredibly interesting and adorable at times, with Massimo Bottura and his wife talking about his restaurant's and how they both came to be. How he changed peoples opinions of Italian food in Italy itself. I'm really looking forward to the next moment I have to spare to watch the second episode!

That's all for this week! What did you get a chance to watch? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday: It's Time for Animaniacs!

Today I'm going to introduce a new weekly post called Throwback Thursday. This will give a little nostalgia for your week, and maybe give you enough feels so you  will wanna watch it this weekend.

If you watched Animaniacs as a kid. You know this was a morning cartoon that cannot be missed, every Saturday morning, at what now feels like the crack of dawn just to watch that show. Seeing Yakko Wakko and Dot's adventures (mixed with moral lessons of course), laughing at jokes we THOUGHT we understood, but of course we know now they have totally different means. This was a cartoon that you could (and still can) veg out to and forget all of your problems.

The simplistic nature of the show by far unmatched by any show you see today.Today shows try to hard! You have to be PC, you HAVE to have a lesson, watch your mouth...they know what you mean now days! Nothing is easy and simple anymore. That's why going back to Animaniac's is so great. You have Yakko and Wakko being typical boys that Dot is always following and taking care of/cleaning up after. Then there's Pinky and The Brain, who want to rule the universe (sorry, not sorry...I just had to there!), Slappy Squirrel and The Goodfeathers (definitely not PC enough these days!) and a few others here and there!

I'm definitely NOT ashamed to say I quite enjoy this show even to this day. In fact, for this blog I watched it all over again AND LOVED IT! I also watch it with my 9 month old nephew, and you can bet your bottom dollar I will watch it with my own kids one day as well!

So you tell me. What is your favourite memory of Animaniacs? Do you have a favourite character? What about episode? There's only like 90 to choose from!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review from a Newb (SPOILERS)

OK so. Avengers: Age of Ultron came out on Friday (even earlier for some people! lucky ducks over seas.), We just had to see it while in the city for Free Comic Book Day. We were so excited to see it opening weekend for once, that we got our tickets three hours early JUST to be sure we didn't miss out on it, due to it being opening weekend and all. Not only did we get our tickets early, we got 2D (3D just gives us headaches anyways), AND we got there another half hour before the movie was set to begin, yet we STILL got a crowded theatre. One good this was we didn't have to worry about ground floor seating! That is enough of a pro for me that I am satisfied. Who would have thought that so many people would want to see it in 2D anyways!? Maybe people have lost there love for the 3D rendering!? Who knows. Maybe we will chat about that another time.

Now onto what was probably one of the most back story filled Avengers movies I have ever seen! In this movie not only do we get back stories on several important people, but we also get a little love story as well!

We open with the Avengers basically ending there search for Loki's Chitauri Scepter, by finding HYDRA'S base in Sokovia. It is there that we see scene's of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, twins that lost there parents thanks to a bomb that Tony Stark made! There powers are certainly interesting that's for sure. To quote Maria Hill, "he's fast, she's weird"...Gosh I love that line! Simple straight forward truth! That's what she's there for.Once the scepter is retrieved they head back to the Avengers Towere where he decides to see if they can create a peace keeper for earth so that they no longer have to do it themselves! Unable to get it right, Tony leaves for the celebration party he is hosting. Where we get to see everyone all together again. Including James Rhodes/War Machine, Sam Wilson/Falcon and of course a cameo from the great Stan Lee himself, playing a war veteran telling the all mighty Thor he can handle his "alcohol", getting tanked quickly and then carried out giving his famous line of  "EXCELSIOR"!! Every time I see a Stan Lee cameo, it always gets me excited to see the rest of the movie! I honestly believe his cameo's are a stamp of approval on the movies he's in.

Without going through the movie scene by scene (which I would love to do by the way) here's some interesting breaking thoughts from the movie.

We get a connection to Black Panther when we see Ulysses Klaw show up as a Vibranium distributor out of Wakanda (something Ultron is looking for). You also get to see the events that lead up to him BECOMING the Klaw (Black Panther's #1 villain)

We see an unfortunate turn of events when Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver turn from the side of a villain to become Avengers. Only to have Quicksilver die while saving Hawkeye and a little boy during Ultron's attack on Sokovia, as he lifts an entire city into the air with Vibranium threatening the lives of hundreds of people.

This movie gave us back Nick Furry as a now outsider that still has all the knowledge and resources he ever did ( I'm sure all thanks to Maria Hill) showing up to Sokovia with a large enough deck to get all of the citizen out ...we even get to see a dog walk onto one of the hover crafts, proving they were getting EVERYONE off the floating city, that is quickly crumbling at there feet.

I honestly really love how this movie came out, and we have been waiting for what feels like forever for it. So I am so glad we were able to see it opening weekend.

If you are interested in knowing more about the after credit scene check out the video below as part way through it you will have the awesomest of awesome geeks Patton Oswalt passionately explaining it!

Have you seen the movie!? If not, are you? This is one movie that is so definitely worth it! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Free comic book day

Saturday May 2nd was a very special day for me. I have been wanting to take part in Free Comic Book Day for a couple of years, and I have never had the opportunity. So this year I made the decision to go no matter what! and I did! and it was GLORIOUS!

I overheard a conversation between a couple of older gentleman behind my husband and I while waiting nearly two hours (yes you are reading that correctly!) to get into a comic book shop for the day. It really made me think on how times have changed. It used to be embarrassing to be a huge fan of anything other than sports and celebrities to me (and I think most people), hiding behind closed doors watching reruns of my favourite TNG episodes saying there was nothing else on. Now those who love all things nerdy and geeky have shown each other that it's ok to embrace it! The gentleman behind me were commenting on how many years ago they used to be able to just easily walk into the comic book shops on this day. No lines. No hassles. Now there is not only a  line (for this shop anyways), but one that goes completely down the street pretty much. Once we got the hang of it, it was only a matter of getting to the shops, and learning where they were. half were clustered in one area and the other half which was more newly established, was clustered in another area of the downtown core. So after a long LONG weekend, some pretty AWESOME deals and a FANTASTIC win! I wanna show you what "I" got! My husband Matt obviously got others that we also share, but this is MY loot, and I'm so incredibly happy with it!

This was the line up approximately twenty minutes after we got in it! You can't even see the comic book shop yet. It's WAY up there.

This was a line we waited in (although we still don't really know why there was a line there), silly us we wound up being in line at the wrong place! The place we wanted oddly enough didn't HAVE a line AT ALL!

This is the shop we waited nearly TWO WHOLE HOURS to get into! It was SOOO amazing. While waiting to get in, we got to see so many people!

This is a pretty awesome costume! I LOVE it so much. It has amazing detail work!

We saw so much awesome stuff. I wish we would have bought it all! LOL

This is EVERYTHING I got! Including the True Blood prize I won at Heroes! BEST.THING.EVER.!

Did you go out for free comic book day? If so I would love to hear what you got! Whether this was your first time or millionth time!?

Friday, May 1, 2015

What I'm Watching ~~ April 26-30/2015

Welcome to May, and welcome to a bigger, better, world ( A Bit Retro's World anyways!)

Today I want to tell you about the shows/movies I have been watching and loving this week!

 So just like most people I have Netflix, which I LOVE!!! LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!! Recently I believe they added Monster High to it! Granted, this is a children's show... but it doesn't make it any less fun and awesome to me! This week I took some time to watch three of there ...."movies" I guess you could call them. They are short, I will admit that. It works for my schedule though. Short and sweet, keeps up with me. I had time to watch Haunted, Freaky Fusion, and Friday Night Frights.

Now if your wondering "WHAT. In Sam Raimi, is Monster High!?!!"

WELP!! It's a depiction of the sons and daughters of all of our classic horror monsters. Let me know if you want a run down of who' who and I will be more than happy to introduce you to them!

So anyways, back to what I was saying. The shows are generally no more than a little over an hr long (some are way shorter) but they all have one thing in common. Moral lessons, and even as an adult it was a nice little reminder. "Haunted" tells about the ghost world being separated from the monster world, because of fear and greed. "Freaky Fusion" reminds us that our flaws can be beautiful, and it's what makes us unique. They also remind us that love is one of the strongest powers we have, it heals AND saves. "Friday Night Frights" is a great tale of working together for the common good, Everyone deserves a chance to shine, and cheating doesn't get you anywhere good!

These lessons are so important, and even as a grown woman, sometimes I forget them. I loved this show purely for the monsters....but I also watch it for the reminders too!

This was really exciting when they first announced it and most people waited with anticipation. This is a Netflix EXCLUSIVE. I will admit I did not grow up with comics, didn't even know about them till I was an adult. This show doesn't really need prior knowledge anyways. So far I have been able to watch Episode 1-5, so I'm nearly done. I know most people watched it ALL the day it came out, but unfortunately and fortunately I don't have that kind of time on my hands, and I DO like to sleep LOL.

So far I have been introduced to Matt Murdoch, Foggy (he's a love/hate kind of character for me), Karen Page, and Wilson Fisk (SHHHHHHH we never say his name....)....There are others....but not really as important to me personally. What I love about this show, is how perfect the selection of actors really are. There performances are AMAZEBALLS. I'm not going to give ANY info...but this is a show I am SOOOO glad has been renewed for another season.

My husband really LOVES his nostalgia, so we end up watching a lot of TV series that we saw as young kids or teenagers. Friends is the newest add to that lineup! We are currently on Season three and nearly half way through it. This is a show we like to watch one episode a day of, and it's usually during dinner time. With no children, it leaves us open to being able to watch TV while eating, minimal to no mess at all ( looking in the direction of my husband when I state that LOL )

I love the dynamic of this show. Watching it over again, you really do see the evolution of the characters. I remember being quite sad watching the final episode of this series.

What have you been watching this week? Have you started watching anything new? Or did you see a good movie? Let me know in the comments down below.