Monday, June 22, 2015

My First Cosplay Experience

I was sitting at facebook one day, scrolling through my news feed and looking at all the pictures popping up from all the various different Con's going on. So many people had such amazing and wonderful cosplays and it got me to thinking...I don't think I have ever seen anyone post a first attempt cosplay.

So it got me thinking. "self" I said "why don't you show people your first cosplay?"..So here it is. It was a bit last minute and I most certainly can do WAY better. But you know what. The only thing I paid for was the mask I used under the mask as a template (bought from the dollar store), and everything else I used from things that we already had laying around.

I'll be completely honest. I wasn't nervous at all. Not like I thought I was going to be! I was a bit uncomfortable wen we got there, but that's because every Con seems to forget to crank the AC on there busiest days. So having a sweater and then another cotton wrap over top of it, wasn't exactly that easy to handle. But other than that, I got to have a lot of fun and I got to talk to people I normally more than likely wouldn't even make eye contact with. I honestly feel like dressing up makes me kind of anonymous. No one knows who you are, but everyone knows who you are trying to be! As a introvert this was such a great feeling. To know I could be someone I have always wanted to be, and not be judged for it is so amazing.

I strongly recommend cosplaying anytime you want! Play dress up...whether it's at home, a con, or movie premier. It doesn't matter. Just do it!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Jurassic World ~ What I Thought

Jurassic World has been a long awaited 80's kid anticipation for so many months now. Speculation on whether or not Chris Pratt was  go to do this movie justice or not was of course around in the beginning. What remake doesn't have a crap ton of people hating on it's re inception to today's society!? After all, you've more than likely seen those "Kids react to" videos, where basically our entire childhood of 80's and 90's is crapped all over by ...tweens.

Either way though I digress. We decided to do something rare and me and my husband went on opening day. The theater wound up being incredibly full, with no seat left empty. One good sign of a highly anticipated movie.

This movie was exactly what it should have been. It was Jurassic Park with a few new scenes and an all new cast. It had a few scenes in it that didn't fit the original, which was nice. Those were the only scenes though that had you 100% alert in your chair. This movie had the usual brother kid combo that seems to get out without a scratch, and all the easter eggs that poke at your memory of Jurassic Park itself. Like when Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) go off grid and get chased off even further by the Indominus Rex (you know that new dino they decided to make! ....cause that's not stupid at all) They come across the original Jurassic Park building, ruined and in shambles. With movie magic a teenage boy and a tween boy get old decrepit jeeps to magically work for them. Just in time to miss there Aunt who runs Jurassic World and invited them down, but then sacked them with a "babysitter" (her assistant) and couldn't be bothered to check in on them. Danger now lurks though, and she doesn't want her nephews hurt. So after building a story line of a very little hearted Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), now we get to see a story line built with how she cares about her family, and she's helping her sister out during the "secret" divorce so the kids don't know whats happening at home. 

We had Chris Pratt (Owen the dino whisperer) doing, as usual an amazing job in his character. I swear he can fit in anywhere. He really brought us to love and grow a bond with a set of velociraptors that he has raised and "trained" for years. When no good Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) comes in and takes charge after so many insane and unnecessary tragedies. He finally gets his way to hook them up and send them after The Indominous Rex. Owen (Chris Pratt) Finally gets to find out what else is in Indominous Rex when The velociraptors all start talking, and all of a sudden alpha position gets transferred and they turn on the crew that raised them. However there is a nice twist at the end with them, so don't count the dino crew out quite yet.

As per usual though, very few even moderately important people get killed or hurt ( Should we count the poor babysitter/assistant or not!?)

This movie really does have some pretty great scenes in it, and it is most definitely worth seeing in theaters. I'm so glad we went, and I'm so glad it's doing well at the box office!

Have you seen Jurassic World yet? Are you going to see it? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun Times at Niagara Falls Comic Con

Hey guys,

It's been a bit hasn't it!?

Well, now I have some time...and good health to tell you why!

Last weekend was our first Comic Con of the year. We had such a great time at NFCC in Niagara. See it has a very special place in our hearts because that was where we went on our honeymoon. We had such a great time the first time, and even more fun this time!

This year I finally set aside time to create my first cosplay (although a touch bit last minute). So there was a first there. I was the Cheshire to my husbands Red Hood. I'll post something separate on that a bit later.

The one thing I learn more and more every time we go to NFCC is that we can never get enough money together. There is so much awesome that I just can't handle it all! We got some amazing things, and got some amazing experiences too. I got 3 new much needed tshirts to add to my collection along with FINALLY getting my Harley Quinn original Funko Pop. That made me incredibly happy cause she was such a great deal too! My husband got to meat an important part of his childhood ( Mr. Hasselhoff himself). My husband Matt LOVED Night rider. He was so super stoked to see a movie poster for a possible new one staring The Hoff coming out. To top that meeting off he kinda serenaded us with the Baywatch theme song, which was kinda cool.

We also learned the hard way it's ok not to stay from start to finish, and it's okay not to go all 3 days. We were exhausted and tapped out by Sunday morning, and to top it all off. I woke up with what ended up being an ongoing on again off again  head cold of some type. But we got to see friends we don't get to see nearly enough, and meet new and interesting people. I got to see the wardrobe of a clothing designer I've been loving online. Which can then help me in buying from her online in the future...cause who wouldn't want a Mario or Alice inspired dress.

All in all it was such a great weekend and it went off without a hitch. I highly HIGHLY recommend going to NFCC if you ever get a chance. It's such a great place to be.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DIY Wednesday ~ Wooden Yoshi Eggs

I love Super Mario and Nintendo. If you've perused my blog you might have guessed that already! So today I wanted to do a DIY on Yoshi eggs. These are so super simple to do.

You will need an egg form of some sort. I had a set of wooden eggs, but paper mache eggs  work just as well.

Paint the eggs 2 times with white acrylic paint to get a nice even colouring.

Draw or free hand dots/small circles around the egg. Usually around 5 do it well!

Finish off the eggs once dried with a sealer.

That's all you have to do! This is such a simple, cheap and fun project.