Sunday, August 2, 2015

WIW ~ What I'm watching this week!

Le SIGH.....I'm so far behind in most of my shows, and life is getting WAY to busy. Again this week I didn't watch a whole lot. I try but nothing is sticking this month. Hopefully August will be better right!?

This is honestly ALL I had time for this week. That's only because we watch it when we sit down to eat. We are now half way through season 9 of the show, so a season and a half is left. I still say you can really tell, because things are getting 42 hours and haven't slept silly. But you know what they say. The moment you enter a baby into a cast is when you know the show is ending. Sad but true.

SEE...I told you. SAD. This is all I watched all week....Except for the minions movie...Which you can read about on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! and let me know in the comments below what you have been watching!