Sunday, February 21, 2016

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage.. was literally THE ULTIMATE VOYAGE. An homage to the last 50 years of Star Trek. We were so blessed to have won tickets through FANatics for this show. We went to Budweiser Gardens in London Ontario Canada for the performance, with great seats. So I can't thank FANatics enough for hosting these winning tickets. This meant so incredibly much to me!

The performance was a little over two hours long with a 20 min intermission, at which I was much to excited to do much other than get back in my seat for the second half. The Orchestra was phenomenal, and you could feel their passion through the notes. Reminding me quite fondly of Captain Picard and his Ressikan flute.

In this performance they took us from the very beginning to the very sad end. Touching on all the amazing and memorable events that have touched so many lives over the last 50 years. Some gave us smiles, others a good laugh, and I know I speak for several when certain key scenes with certain characters and actors came on....yes they made us cry and miss them so. 

This incredible roller coaster of pop culture, wonderful memories and nostalgia, was what brought what appeared to be a couple hundred people together in community for just a few hours.

I was inspired and reminded just how MUCH I love Star Trek and everything it stands for last night. I really hope you get a chance to see it as well. You can find out if they will be stopping in near you by clicking the photo below!