Saturday, April 22, 2017


I Finally got through Iron Fist season 1.

I say finally because for the first time ever, it felt like a chore instead of something to look forward to.
When the show first started, I got a big Kung-Fu (the tv shows) vibe. Danny knew how to take guys down with very little effort, spent most of the time dodging attacks and side stepping, was very calm and peaceful, and seemed like a likable albeit naive character.
The first episode very much set up the season like that and IF that had been how the show went, I think it would have been a perfect way to show Danny Rand's character.
Then he gets locked up in a nuthouse because (shockingly) running around saying "I'm Danny Rand", and when people ask you to prove how you could be a presumed dead kid...responding with "but I AM Danny Rand" didn't work. And we start the shitty writing and story decisions that in my opinion ruined the show.
He starts showing wild anger outbursts (unbecoming of someone trained my monks in a monastery for 15 years) and because of that, we're introduced to lazy writing 101.
Turns out, when Danny is not 100% focused, he can't summon the Iron Fist.
Funny enough, not being focused means "when the writers don't want to bring a superhero element to a superhero show".
So we get excuses like he can't use it when he's drugged, stressed, having mommy/daddy flashbacks, etc.
But not always. Sometimes he can be having a complete freak out from stress and summon the damn thing. It's literally lazy writing.
From there on, we are subjected to the next 11 episodes of a man who trained in a Buddhist temple for 15 years, but has the temper of a 3-year-old! Seriously, what the hell were they going for? Did they actually think this would make his character likable?
Danny was one of my least favorite characters in the show (due to bad writing).
My two favorite characters were Colleen Wing, and Ward Meachum (which surprised me).
Both of those characters had the most character development throughout the season and were actually very interesting and relatable.
The fight scenes were...fine, I guess.
Iron Fist in the comics was the equivalent of Bruce Lee with super powers.
You know you screwed up when Daredevil is shown to be a better martial artist and takes on more than 2 guys at a time, than the friggin Iron Fist!
My personal favorite episode was when he was going through Madam Gao's challenge. The fights were interesting and unique, and they wrote Danny's character well....until the end when Gao mentioned his dad and instantly he's back to being a child again losing focus.
I also really liked the fight between Danny and Zhou Chen. I mainly like this fight because Zhou Chen was using drunken boxing....and I LOVE that style!
Also, I'm sorry, but I HATED the ending. The whole "Harold is the one who actually had your father killed" thing felt very tacked on at the last minute. I mean it seemed obvious from the first episode, but in terms of the story path they set up, it came out of left field.
And once again, Danny learns nothing. He rages around on a rooftop while Harold shoots at him, only for Ward to shoot and kill his father finally. Sure Danny chooses not to kill Harold, but in the end, Danny had no real development.
Oh and then they try to set up a couple of cliffhangers like they're gonna get a second season.
Not with the job you did on season 1 you're not!
When they do the Defenders with different writers, I hope they take the time to fix Danny's character and start his friendship with Luke Cage. Then you can give them both a season two at the same time called "Heroes for Hire" just like the comics.

If I had to sum Iron Fist season 1 up in one word, it would be
The show had a lot of potentials, and I don't blame any of the actors involved. Different actors wouldn't have made the writing better.
Here's hoping better things for the future of this once great character.

Written by:
Matt Hollands

Friday, March 17, 2017


     Over the years, you've probably seen a lot of people talk about the various types of addictions.
Drugs, caffeine, alcohol, pornography, etc.
Either way, it falls under the same definition.

But there is a new hot addiction that I have begun noticing over the last few years.
It's called Negativity.
People are becoming addicted to being negative and hateful. Don't believe me?
I'm not surprised because few have even noticed.
I'll give you some examples.

-A YouTube channel (which I won't be naming) that specifies in negative views of movies currently sits at 6 Million Subscribers. 
Yet, a YouTube channel that specifies in positive views of movies currently sits at 344 Thousand Subscribers. Both share almost the same name. 

-Hollywood announces a new film. From the first trailer, people have already decided to boycott it without knowing anything about the film. 

-The word "Remake" is said about a film and the world instantly hates it due to past reputations. 

-When a dark and gritty film is successful, producers and fans alike jump on it and start declaring all films should be made in the same way.

But don't think this is just about film and entertainment, it goes deeper than that.

-I've seen people in public being nice and polite be completely ignored for the loudmouth spreading hate and watching people gather around to see what the fuss was about. Because they are drawn to it.  

-You can write something very positive and happy on a social media platform, and get hardly any support. But if you write something negative and spiteful, people flock in droves to your post. 

-Quite possibly the best example of all would be the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. 
That man filled his presidential running's with hate (which he continues to do to this day) and got elected to run a country. 
As I said, it's an addiction. 

Even the fact that I titled this "NEGATIVITY" will in all likelihood garner more hits and attention than any other posts I've written before.
That's sad really. It's sad that we as humanity have fallen so far that we have started to embrace cynicism and hate.
I'm sure there will be several hate-filled comments, and several snarky remarks to follow this. But this is something I have been wanting to say and get off my chest for a long time now.

I'm not saying we all have to stop being negative all the time.
But SOME of the time would be a step in the right direction, and not letting it control our lives.

"You can't live a positive life, with a negative mind" - Unknown

Written By:
Matt Hollands